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LRDG: Resourcing the Movement

All things being equal and balanced is a desirable state. As well-meaning good human beings, we all profess to want equality and balance in our lives. We all seek and value peace and prosperity. We want the best for our loved ones. We know there’s great merit in being generous. And yet we know that the distribution of what makes life meaningful is not working for people who look like us and our ancestors. It’s out of balance. It’s not equal and certainly not just.  


At Love Resource Development Group we know the reality is millions of people live outside of those desirable states of being. They live and exist on the edge of accessing and owning what the world has to offer. Justice escapes people living with less. Resourcing the movement means focusing our work on racial equity, destroying caste, and building the ready and free flow of resources to Black and Brown people. 


While our focus is to elevate and support Black- and Brown-led organizations and businesses to the mission, values, and principles they deem essential to their success, we also work with white-led organizations that are truly committed to relinquishing their power and privilege to bring equity, equality, and balance to their areas of influence.

Are you containing the movement or resourcing the movement?

Our Team

LRDG brings teams of experts together from business, social, and environmental sectors to provide clients with directives and strategies that result in resources and applications to achieve “balance and equality” as a desirable state of being. All of our consultants are people of color who understand first-hand the importance of the work we do.




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