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Binge-Watch for Good!

As the winter months kick off, the LRDG team will be out-of-office to spend more time with our families, loved ones, and ourselves. Our team will be off starting December 15, 2023 to January 15, 2024.

We look forward to reconnecting with you in the new year, but in the meantime as we cozy up in the winter months and binge-watch our favorite shows, check out these watch recommendations. (They're sure to give you some talking points for your next family gathering!)

  • Newly debuted on Netflix, "Rustin" tells the story of Bayard Rustin-an openly gay Black man all but erased from the civil rights movement he helped build.

  • With appearances from a host of Black thinkers, the documentary "Stamped from the Beginning" examines the story of anti-Black racist ideas and their staggering power over the course of American history.

See you in the new year!


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